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Creating a Google account and search campaigns

Advertising through Google AdWords

Are you satisfied with your advertising results? Want to try Google Adwords advertising? We can create your Google account and propose advertising methods that will attract your target audience.

Generating traffic to a website

For example, when creating a website, you also need to create a request for traffic to a website, in the so-called Sandbox period to achieve the best possible SEO ranking. In addition to creating a responsive, high-quality, and fast loading time page, it is necessary to adjust the content and expose the landing page to as many visitors as possible.

Internet Advertising (Targeted Advertising as the Key to Success)

Are you satisfied with the results you achieve with advertising? Every day, every hour and every minute, an astronomical number of searches on the Google search engine leads customers to the desired information and products. It is an enormous potential that many advertisers use very successfully.

Google AdWords, or Google ads for short, is a tool needed to place your ad on the Internet successfully. It is a platform that will connect you with your potential customers and attract your target audience.

Allow us to create a google account and choose the best advertising campaign and marketing channels. Our expert team will create a Google AdWords campaign tailored uniquely for you and your product, and select the keywords that will work best for you. If you want your money to be used effectively in online advertising, we'll carefully plan your AdWords campaign and make it efficient. At the same time, you can focus on other essential things in your business.

Generating traffic to a website

Creating a website nowadays is facilitated by the various tools available, but arousing interest, attracting and retaining visitors to the site is not at all easy. After creation, it takes a lot of effort and knowledge in maintaining the website as well as choosing high-quality content, texts, and photos.

When creating and maintaining web content, nothing is left to random selection because specific rules and standards exist here for a perfect reason. Otherwise, the website is doomed from the start. That is why successful companies leave the creation and development of their internet presence to professionals such as our team. High-quality websites achieve a high SEO ranking, attract customers, and, most importantly, bring profit and the conversion per mouse click.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. For a website, SEO is one of the critical factors that will rank a page high on Google search. For a website to be among the first to show in Google search, the good looking design is not nearly enough.

In addition to creating a responsive, high-quality, and fast-loading page, it is necessary to adjust the content and expose the landing page to as many visitors as possible. That is why our clients have chosen us to create and customize their websites. Continuous improvement and a large number of hours of work on such projects, has resulted not only in satisfied customers but customers who are happy to return. So, how satisfied are you with the traffic and conversions per click on your website?

Creating a google account

The first step in advertising is creating a Google account for the Adwords advertising platform. This account is made as a separate unit on the client partition or a partition within a separate advertising control panel, under constant supervision.

Creating AdWords advertising campaigns

Search advertising campaigns are based on keyword research. Keyword research of the competition in the targeted market, that uses keywords and runs marketing campaigns that are analyzed by the number of mouse clicks.

Running AdWord campaigns

We set parameters such as daily budget, managing keywords with higher goal conversion, analyzing the search, setting search terms, and managing negative keywords for maximum performance.

Tracking results, reporting & tracking

It is imperative to compare statistics and evaluate the achievements and fulfillment of goals through analysis. Based on statistical facts that speak to business performance, we change and adjust decision-making in the present.

Creating and managing Google AdWords search ads

Advertising through Google

Send us an inquiry through the contact form where you can describe the activity and subject of advertising. We'll get back to you shortly to define your campaign budget, campaign duration and time range, the geographic area where your campaign will run, and more.

Creating an Adwords account

We create a Google Adwords account that we link to the Google Analytics statistics tool. Through the tag manager, we link the AdWords account to the agreed landing page, product, or service.

Keyword research

We conduct extensive research on the keywords selected for advertising. In that research, we define specific criteria such as geographic area and preferences of people who have a demand for particular products or services.

Tendency towards conversion

We create ads according to strict criteria and rules of Google advertising, and according to the principle of the tendency towards conversion per click and call for interaction. We then track ads daily and respond promptly to changes such as a drop or increase in traffic.

Reporting and automation

At the end of the campaign, we present the advertising results and make suggestions for changes. We send statistical reports to your email address with detailed argumentation of the effects and achievement of goals.

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Adwords campaign development and management services


Google Adwords account registration

  • Account registration
  • Adwords search campaign
  • One ad group
  • keywoord research

One time

93,75 USD

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Monthly fee

  • Running an Adwords campaign
  • Changing keywords
  • Consultation
  • Competition research

(a 6% commission on the budget is not included)

54,26 USD

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Campaign revision

  • Analysis of other adwords campaigns
  • Historical cost analysis
  • Ad enhancement
  • Valid for third-party campaigns

per month

105,77 USD

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cebelica Meli

One year ago

I am very pleased with the service! I would recommend Zorland to everyone!

Marta S

One year ago

Great, fast and professional job, thank you.

Jasna K

One year ago

Everything by arrangement, professionally and professionally done.

Marko K

One year ago

Professional, fast, and at the same time meticulous. It perfectly balances between technical and creative! Thanks Zoky!

Marina P

One year ago

Zoran approaches the project professionally, calmly and with a lot of attention. He was open to all my suggestions and changes, and he also gave me a lot of professional advice and insights to make our website meet high standards. I am very pleased with the communication and performance. Thank you!

Domagoj K

One year ago

Professionally and very quickly I recommend it to everyone and a fair price

Krunoslav G

One year ago

Zoran approaches the project professionally, calmly and with a lot of attention. He was open to all my suggestions and changes, and he also gave me a lot of professional advice and insights to make our website meet high standards. I am very pleased with the communication and performance. Thank you!

Krešimir P

One year ago


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